What Gives Pink Diamonds its Color?

Normally diamonds are found colorless. It is mined to have its fluorescent excellence. The question that comes to mind after seeing the pink diamonds, how it is formed? How it has got its natural pink color in it? We all know that colored diamonds are having heavy demands in the market.

The pink diamonds are having extra demands in the market and it has some extra high price. It is the fact that these diamonds are formed deep under the surface of the earth more than crores of years. Even before the vegetation grown in the earth. The amazing fact is that these diamonds are found on the locations which are near to the earth’s core region. In Western Australia, Kimberlite and Lamproite pipes are present where the maximum diamonds are found. It is also surprising that these pipes are close to the volcanic zones.

The fact also states that fancy colored diamonds are stones that are naturally colored. It is the crystallized form of carbon. Extreme pressure and heat, along with the seismic shocks propelled the carbon molecules into colorful diamonds. Diamonds are the hard forms of Carbon. It is considered the hardest substance in the world. As we know that colors are coming from some elements such as nitrogen is suspected to modify the carbon into the orange diamonds. Same way, Boron is another element, which is acting as an enhancer to form the blue diamonds. It is chemically found that boron and carbon have a similar size. When the nitrogen is lower in the diamonds and boron has its rich presence then the color of the diamonds is getting its blue color. The scientists have also explained that nickel or highly concentrated hydrogen is the cause of forming blue-colored diamonds.

Green colored diamonds are also found rarely in the mines. It is suspected that when nickel is mixed with the carbon particles in such a proportion, it gives the stone a natural green color. In some other beliefs, while these diamonds are formed, it has got the radiation effects of the nearby rocks, and the electrons are getting trapped by, and thus the green surface color comes. But the fact is that while these diamonds are gone for polishing it lost its natural green surface.

Red-colored diamonds are very rare on the earth. In Argyle mines, it is found rarely, almost 3 – 4 red diamond stones in the last 35-40 years span. Though once how rare these are?? It is hypothetically believed that these red colors came to these diamond stones through some structural changes in the electron base, and it is happening while it is near to the earth’s surface.

The rarest diamonds are the pink diamonds. It is found only in the Argyle mines in North-Western Australia. It is the only source of the pink diamonds that supplies almost 90% to 95% pink diamonds to the world. But unfortunately, this mine will be closed in 2020. The answer to your question, how these are getting its pink color is due to the electron structural deformations, which is also termed as “plastic deformation”, the pink color comes to these stones. To know more about pink diamonds, please click here now.