Top 3 Crossbows Available for the Deer Hunter

The crossbow craze continues to grow in hunting circles. However, like most people on a budget, it’s important to do your research to find out not just which crossbow is the cheapest, but which crossbow offers the best bang for your buck.
Crossbow reviews can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with crossbow technology. To help, we will provide an easy to read and understand review of the top three crossbows on the market for all different levels of knowledge and skill.
The following crossbows provided the most forgiveness. That means its technology and best crossbow design can help compensate for human error. They also provide minimal vibration and superior ergonomics for the hunter. The top 3 options for the best crossbows available are:

1. Barnett Ghost 400. The Barnett Ghost 400 can only be described as a “beast”. This lightweight crossbow features a carbon riser, anti-dry fire trigger, and Barnetts AVI technology molded into the limbs that helps reduce vibration. The ghost weighs just under 8 pounds. It has a pull weight of 185 lbs., a 15 3/4 “power stroke capable of sending beams towards its target at 400 FPS. This crossbow sells right for around $ 1,000 and is deadly accurate in the hands of A seasonal crossbow hunter, the Barnett Ghost 400 will be chasing whitetails on his property this fall.
2. Carbon Express Covert CX1. The Covert CX1 has a sleek design and is covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo. This crossbow can be adapted to the needs and shooting styles of many hunters as it has a 1 “stock pad insert and heavy trigger for the shooter. The Covert CX1 has a shot weight of 185 pounds and ships bolts at 330 FPS range. Priced at $ 500, the Covert CX1 fits not only your hunting style, but your wallet as well.
3. Horton Ultra-Lite Express. The Horton Express weighs approximately 7 1/2 pounds. and comes with Team Realtree Camo and a Thompson Center inspired pistol grip. The 175 pound weight moves the arrows at 325 FPS. This crossbow is lightweight and easy to handle by almost any hunter and comes with interchangeable recoil pads. But you won’t feel much vibration or recoil from this crossbow when you pull the trigger. Moderately priced, with a retail value of about $ 600, the Express can meet your needs, whether you are in a tree, blind, or point and stem.
As the crossbow craze continues to dominate the whitetail hunting scene, it’s important to look for the best crossbow for your money. Regardless of your hunting style, experience or knowledge, any of the crossbows highlighted above can be adjusted to suit your needs when you are looking to invest.