The other aspect of cleaning

The primary benefit of condo living is the reduced amount of maintenance both inside and out. Because this type of housing is typically less square footage, there are less carpets to vacuum, less windows to wash and less bathrooms to clean. In addition people generally have to reduce the amount of furniture they move into their condos. This leads to less dusting and polishing. The other aspect of cleaning that becomes easier is the fact that most condominiums consist of single floor living. Therefore, there is no hauling cleaning supplies, brooms and vacuums up and down flights of steps. All of this saves people time and the physical labor of indoor home maintenance. 마사지

Outdoor maintenance is another area where condo living proves to have greater benefits than larger homes. Because there is a monthly association fee to pay, condominium complexes generally manage all painting, structural repair, snow removal and driveway resurfacing. As people begin to age and look to retired life, getting on a ladder to freshen up paint or clean out gutters becomes less attractive and doable. All of this maintenance can be accomplished with just picking up the phone and calling the management company. It is worth the additional money to know that this type of maintenance is not going to be a condo owner’s responsibility to manage.

Another huge advantage to living in a condominium later in life is the elimination of yard work. This includes mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and trees, raking leaves, mulching and other various outdoor jobs. Condo owners can plant pots and manage optional projects, such as planting additional flowers. Landscape maintenance can be back breaking work when done properly. By having such jobs be done by the condo management company, the owners can focus their strength, time and attention to activities that bring them pleasure. This elimination of maintenance allows the owners to have true physical and mental freedom from their outside household chores.Lastly, most condominium complexes also offer social benefits that just can’t be duplicated when living in a single family home. Many associations have monthly schedules of events, dances, planned group trips and other clubs an owner can join. Typically there is a clubhouse that offers such amenities as a pool, workout facility and possibly even tennis courts. All of these facilities can be used alone or with neighbors in the complex. The clubhouse can even be rented for other social activities, such as family parties, birthday celebrations, book clubs and holiday parties.


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