ReadersMagnet – Friendly Self-Publishing Company for New Authors

Are you a new author desperately searching for a credible publishing house to approve your manuscript and accept it for publication? You should consult the professionals of self-publishing houses to help you get affordable packages to release your book in the market. The biggest advantage of these self-publishing companies is that they will never hinder your creative vision, and they help you with the marketing process so that your book gets to the targeted audience with success.

ReadersMagnet is a leading name when it comes to self-publishing services for new and experienced authors. The biggest challenge they face is the lack of knowledge about improving their brand and marketing their book to the right targeted audience.

It is here that the proactive and friendly team of professionals helps such authors to understand the self-publishing process better so that they can understand how it works in their favor. The experts also give them guidance and recommendations for marketing and honing their skills as a writer.

Virtual book festival to bring book lovers and authors together

This esteemed name has begun a virtual book festival this year with the objective to bring book lovers and authors together. The name of this book festival is The Festival of Story Tellers. It is a brilliant platform for aspiring authors to meet like-minded writers and book lovers.

The biggest advantage of the above virtual Festival is aspiring writers will be scheduled to deliver their talks during the event. They are well-versed in their respective fields, and there is no requirement for them to spend extra money on fares, tickets, and accommodation. They will be able to attend the Festival from the comforts of their home and attend all the talks with the help of their mobile devices on the Internet for free.

Inspiring personal encounters with popular writers

Aspiring writers and book lovers will meet their literary heroes and get the chance to meet other inspiring authors. This is an amazing experience and can inspire people to write more. When you have a personal encounter with someone you admire, it is indeed a motivating experience to help you stay inspired to write and be confident that you have a credible team of experts to guide and recommend you in the self-publishing process all the way.

Those writers that have been associated with ReadersMagnet have spoken about their positive experience with the friendly and proactive team of guiding experts here. The self-publishing services they offer are affordable, and you will always find a package that meets your tastes and budget. Therefore, if you are an aspiring author or a new writer who wants to release your first book professionally in the market to the right targeted audience, this esteemed name will help you do so effectively and seamlessly. With their guidance and support, your first book will be published without any hassles at all!