7 Businesses You Can Invest In 2021 To Get A Good Return-on-Investment

Dubai is not short of any good options to start a business that can help in generating big revenues for you. Many people opt to buy an apartment or luxury villas for sale in Dubai for investment purposes but in this guide below, we have focused on some other possibilities too. Let’s take a look below.


The market of restaurants is one of the most successful markets in the UAE, not only because of increased demand but also because of the high remittance which generates a lot of serious competition. If you do extensive market research, create a model and choose a location that is strategically correct, spending your financial resources in this business can be a smart option. You would require a licence, which will be commercial in this situation, to open a restaurant or a café.

Event Management Company:

The city has hundreds of events every year and is multicultural. An event management company offers event management services that include the design of the event concept, inventory management and practical coordination before the methods for the event are executed.

The event management company has a large demand for corporate events, marketing programs, general meetings, gala dinners, and many more events in Dubai. To operate a company that is approved by the competent authorities in Dubai, it is required a professional license. You have to invest your money in doing something great for a thriving company, and an event management company can be a sweet investment for you.

Automobile repair shop:

In Dubai, there are many cars and auto repair shops because they are always needed for the excessive maintenance of luxury cars that are found in Dubai. Investing in your money to open a repair shop for automobiles can be a good idea due to growing demand.

To launch such a shop, you have to undergo a small process to get the shop license and then the business will run flawlessly and encompass all your investments in a short period of time, wherever you launch the shop.

Cleaning services:

It is not a difficult task to invest in a service company in Dubai, but of course, only a bucket or a mop will be insufficient to begin this task. You need trained professionals that your clients can trust.

It can be very difficult to take care of your labour costs, as this will be the sole responsibility for your profits and losses. Just bear in mind that the biggest thing is to achieve successful customer satisfaction and to increase the company’s word of mouth.

Security Guard agency:

The need for a security guard has grown by many layers with the increase in shopping centres, offices, restaurants, etc. Investment in the opening of a company for security guards could be a good idea, but like other companies, you need authorization from the State agency.

It is definitely lucrative to open an agency in Dubai but you must ensure that your hires are qualified and have no criminal record.


A growing city’s inhabitants need to get from point A to B-and many want to get in style there. This is what brings so much scope to this particular business concept. Up to limousine rental and chopper facilities, you can rent a bike or taxi.

Make sure you first do your homework and get acquainted with the surrounding region and its residents. In certain parts of the Emirates, for example, the market for executive cars would be even greater.

Real estate:

It is definitely not shocking for most people when they see this name on the list, as an investment in property in Dubai is never the wrong idea. The real estate is expected to face a boom with World Expo 2020 hosted by Dubai.

Many investors are investing in this sector because it is so structured and well-framed and the earnings it brings are very incredible. The sector has been on hold but actually generates more than six per cent revenue than some of the several big cities, including London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The aforementioned business ideas can be a source of big profits for you if you do thorough research about the niche that you are choosing. You can also invest in residential units in City Walk apartments for sale, as it is coming out as one of the leading residential areas in the town.

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